Silver Bracelet-Gold Figarope Bracelet

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Weight: 0.04 lb
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Pure 925 Silver Figarope Bracelet which has been gold bonded over 6 times with 14K Gold for premium quality and durability. These bracelets are fully customizable, so you can pick your length and width above. Once you select your length and width, you can see the adjusted gram weight below the price.

Jamal Jacobs takes pride in only bringing you the best materials known to man. All of our items are made with pure 925 Silver with Rhodium and 6X bonded with real 14K Gold so you know that your item will stand the test of time.


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All of our items are handmade in Italy so that you know that you are getting a quality product that will last


At Jamal Jacobs you can expect fair pricing on all merchandise. Unlike other jewelry brands that mark up products up to 10x the cost of manufacturing, We manufacture our own items and pass the saving on to our customers.